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eCampus Guides

On this page you will find guides covering a number of eCampus functions. Using these guides, you will be able to familiarise yourself with functionalities and possible applications of important and useful tools.


Are you interested in learning about additional eCampus items? The (German language) eCampus glossary within our learning management system has more information for you.

Do you have further questions? Take a look at our learning management system FAQ (e.g. "How can I e-mail my eCampus course participants with just a few clicks?") or contact our support team.

Every teacher has individual demands of learning management systems such as eCampus – take a look at our calendar of events and find out when the next workshop or training course for an eCampus functionality you would like to learn more about takes place. We are happy to organise additional events tailored to your department’s faculty and their questions and demands regarding eCampus (minimum number of participants: 4). Please contact us for more details!

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