Video recordings of lectures and talks are an efficient method for creating learning material and can be used in teaching in a variety of ways. They enable flexible learning, support the visualisation of complex topics and promote self-directed learning. Here you will find information and tips on the technical implementation and on the available aids and offers.

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eCampus Video Portal

Lecturers can use the eLecture platform eCampus Video to record and provide videos. eCampus Video allows lectures to be recorded and published in combination with a presentation. Created content can also be edited on the platform and integrated on eCampus. Likewise, the circle of users can be restricted to course members.
The eLecture Portal can be accessed via the eCampus learning platform and directly via the eCampus Video web interface.

Equipment & Support

More than 60 recording sets are available for creating e-lectures and conducting web conferences, most of which have been permanently installed in lecture halls. This is equipment that teachers can connect to their own notebook and use with the desired application for recordings or online meetings.

On the eLecture Confluence website you will find information and instructions on the equipment as well as on the eCampus video portal. eCampus Support is available to answer further questions, take bookings for the mobile equipment and offer instruction in the equipment technology. We are also available to advise on upcoming purchases in the area of recording technology.

Equipment & Support
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Good to know

Video Conferencing

The HRZ offers BigBlueButton, DFNconf and Zoom as a video conferencing service for use in research and teaching.

BZH Media Lab

From 2024, a recording studio will be available at the BZH to record lectures, explanatory videos or interview situations.

Media Center

The media center of the ULB provides workspaces for media editing, offers camera rentals, and conducts training sessions. Furthermore, the provision of instructional videos with subtitles is also possible.


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