The eExam is an electronic exam at the end of the course. In a computer pool, students take their eExam on workstation computers equipped with a secure exam environment.

We have summarized some general information for instructors who would like to conduct an eExam.

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Use of an eExam

eExams are conducted via the learning management system ILIAS, which also forms the basis of our eCampus learning platform. Many of our students are already familiar with eCampus. eExams offer a variety of advantages, e.g.:

  • Integration of multimedia elements, such as images, videos, and audio files for multiple tasks.
  • Automated assessment to accelerate correction and reduce errors.
  • Data analysis to improve teaching content and methods.
  • Safety mechanisms guarantee that exams are fair and free from cheating.
  • eExam results can be securely archived, making it easier to manage and track student performance.

Also visit the eCampus Confluence area for more information and tips.

Types of Tasks

Your eExams can consist of a variety of these task types or combinations of them:

  • Single-Choice
  • Multiple-Choice
  • Free text questions
  • Hotspot-Tasks
  • Fill-in-the-Blank-Tasks
  • Short Answer Tasks

Hybrid scenarios

In addition to the pure form of the eExam, hybrid scenarios can also be carried out, in which the eExam system is not used alone. These include:

  • Examinations in which special media or defined websites are used for research.
  • The integration of subject-specific applications.

Mock Exams

We also explicitly offer the execution of mock exams. These can be used regularly as exam preparation before the actual exam or allow the examiners to try out the eExam procedure in a kind of trial run in order to then change the actual exam in one of the following semesters.

Where do the eExams take place?

The eExams are currently held in the gymnasium at Nachtigallenweg 86, 53127 Bonn. The waiting area is outside in front of the entrance on the forecourt.

eExam Organisation

eKlausur Organisation
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1. Agreement on Deadline

Make an appointment with the eExam team. To register for an appointment, use the registration form or send an email to

2. Organisation Form

At the beginning of the semester, you as examiners enter the data of your exam in the organisation sheet. These are needed to plan the exam.

3. Exam Preparation

One week before the deadline, you submit the completed exam in the authoring system.
We will then transfer it to the examination system and check it for technical errors.

4. List of Participants

About a week before the exam date, send us the list of participants with the admitted students.

Following the list of participants, you will receive a detailed schedule with start times and group divisions as well as further information. Use it to inform your students about the exact time and location of the exam.

5. Day of the Exam

On the day of the exam, the examiners are responsible for the usual supervision of the exam as well as for announcing rules and checking attendance.
The eExam team will provide technical support

6. eExam Results

About 1-2 days after the exam we send the results. You will find them in the authoring system
in the form of an Excel table and also as a PDF for validation and post-exam review.


We support teachers with eExams at all stages, from consultation and implementation to evaluation and archiving. In addition, we enable the adaptation of workstations to the needs of their students with disabilities.

Feel free to contact us by mail ( or phone.

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