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eLecture Platform Opencast

Lecturers can use the university's own eLecture platform Opencast to record and provide videos. With Opencast it is possible...

  •  To record lectures with a camera and/or presentation (Opencast Studio)
  • To upload existing recordings and edit them if necessary
  • To limit the number of users to the eCampus course members
  • To make the contents available as a stream only without download
  • Play back camera and presentation synchronously in the player

Access the eLecture portal via the learning platform eCampus.

 Screenshot Opencast Studio


The tools for recording (Opencast Studio) and editing (Online Editor) have the advantage of being designed clearly and are easy to use. However, their range of functions is limited because of this. For example, with Opencast Studio you can only cut out the beginning and end but cannot edit the video any more than that. With the Online Editor, you can only cut out sections of uploaded videos, but not replace slides. In the cases mentioned, the free open-source programs OBS Studio (recording) and Shotcut (video editing) are suitable alternatives. With both programs, you can create mp4 files for delivery in Opencast.


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