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eExam Organisation

1. Fix a date

The first step on your way to creating an eExam is to make an appointment with the eAssessment team. Upon registering for the eExam you will be able to use the digital schedule book and look for free time slots for your eExam. Use the registration form to book a slot, or send an e-mail to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]. You will receive your booking confirmation via e-mail.

2. Set up an exam

You create your eExam using our eExam authoring system, which uses the same principles and objects you already know from eCampus. You will receive access to our authoring system after registering your eExam. If you’re worried about being unfamiliar with using our eExam authoring system – don’t be! Our eAssessment team offers workshops and training events to help you create your own eExam. Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone if you encounter any issues or questions while creating your eExam.

3. Organisational exam preparation

An organisatorial overview including a checklist and important information facilitates organising your exam easier and makes the process more transparent for everyone involved. An overview of the most important dates: 3 weeks prior to exam day: The exam within the authoring system must be finalised by this date. The finalised exam will then be transferred to the exam management system by the eAssessment team, and checked for technical errors. 1 week prior to exam day: The eAssessment team must be given the list of students taking the eExam by this date.

4. Exam day

On exam day, you will act as proctor, announce the exam rules and check attendance. The eAssessment team will be in charge of all technical aspects and assist students with starting their eExam.

5. Post-exam procedure

Examiner(s) will usually receive the exam results within one business day. For control purposes, results are always sent to the examiner(s) and not displayed to students. Certain types of questions require manual marking as part of the post-exam procedure. This task can be completed either on-line within the exam management system or by marking .pdf documents created from the individual eExams. After results are transmitted, the eExam is archived by the eCampus team.

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