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eExam FAQ

Where do eExams take place?

eExams take place both in the ground floor computer labs at Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ = university computer centre) and in several rooms located on Poppelsdorfer Campus.

How many students can take an eExam at the same time?

During the semester we have access to two computer labs at Hochschulrechenzentrum, which offer a total of 71 work stations. An additional computer lab is available during semester breaks, which is when a total of 86 work stations is available. However, it is possible to have several groups of students take different versions of an eExam on the same day. This way, up to 600 students per day can take their eExam.

What happens if a computer stops working during an eExam?

The eExam system saves answers already entered whenever a participant exits a question, but also performs regular auto-saves. If the computer cannot be fixed immediately, the participant can complete his or her eExam on a different computer.

How is a participant's handicap compensation applied to an eExam?

Students eligible for handicap compensation can participate in eExams without any issues. They may take an eExam in a separate room and/or with more time available to complete the eExam. Examiners must notify eCampus of a participant with a handicap compensation in order for the eExam team to make arrangements for the participant during the organisational stage.

How does the post-exam review work?

The post-exam review takes place in your department, as it would for a non-electronic exam. Simply send a list with the names of students wishing to review their eExam to our eExam team. You will then be given access to .pdf documents of these eExams within the same management system you used to create your eExam.

When and how are exam results given to the examiners?

Exam results are made available to examiners on the management system used to create eExams. This typically happens within the same day or on the day after.

Who will notify students about the time and place their eExam takes place at?

Once you have sent us a list of students permitted to take the exam (no later than a week before the exam date) we will work out which rooms and work stations are available, and then send you a schedule of the time and place each student (group) will take their eExam. After that you can notify your students of the time and place.

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