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The term eAssessment is used to describe a variety of electronic methods of examination, which test students’ learning progress and state of knowledge. eAssessment may be conducted prior to (diagnostic eAssessment), during (formative eAssessment) and after a lecture (summative eAssessment). Summative eAssessments are conducted as so-called eExams at Bonn University.

Different formats of eAssessment not only present a general view of students’ level of knowledge to teachers; they also benefit students themselves: they are put in a position to better assess their own learning progress and thus are able to adjust their learning processes according to their individual strengths and weaknesses.

The eCampus team will assist you with applying suitable eAssessment formats.


An eExam is an electronic exam taken at the end of a lecture, course or seminar. Students take their eExams at secured workstation computers in one of our computer labs.

Question types available in eExams:

  • single choice
  • multiple choice
  • free text
  • hot spot
  • fill-in-the-blanks text
  • short answer
  • hybrid question types

The eCampus team will mentor teachers wishing to introduce eExams as part of their assessment of students – from an initial consultation to the implementation to the evaluation and eventually archiving of eExams.

Assistance from the eCampus team

  • pedagogical and technical advice
  • preparatory training for authors of eExam question
  • implementation of eExams
  • provision of eExam software and workstation computers
  • evaluation and archiving

eExams are prepared and conducted using our eExam software. They are created in an author-based system very similar to eCampus, since both are based on the ILIAS software – the only difference being that differing versions are used. Teachers familiar with using eCampus will find it very easy to find their way around our eExam software.

Hybrid scenarios

Aside from the 'pure' eExam format, hybrid scenarios may also be implemented where the eExam system alone may not be sufficient for assessment.

  • eExam combined with online research
  • eExam combined with research in specified media or on specified websites
  • using subject-specific applications

Mock eExams

We are explicitly offering to conduct mock or trial eExams, which may be used as part of your students' regular exam preparation. They may also be used by examiners for a 'trial run' of the eExam format, which may be transformed into a 'real' eExam in a later term.

Our recommendations for using eExams as part of your courses:

eExams may be used…

  • as placement exams in order to create student groups of similar level of knowledge/skill
  • as entrance exams in order to establish a standpoint at the beginning of a semester
  • if your exams require a high percentage of free text questions, which reduces marking time as examiners are no longer required to make out individual students' handwriting
  • if traditional exams require a lot of time and effort to mark
  • if media is being used as part of an exam question (e.g. high resolution graphics, audio materials or videos)
  • in combination with assessment practices accompanying your courses within the eCampus learning management system
  • in OpenBook exams using on-line research or other digital media
  • if using special application software during an exam
  • as mock exams as part of students' exam preparations


Are you curious about eExams and would like to ask additional questions? We will be happy to take your call and answer your questions or set up an appointment for a consultation. Additionally, eCampus offers various information events, workshops and training courses designed to help staff organise and implement their own eExams.

You can find our current event/workshop schedule here: » Events

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