12. March 2024

The Digital Accessibility Toolbox on eCampus The Digital Accessibility Toolbox on eCampus

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The »Digital Accessibility Toolbox« on the eCampus platform is a comprehensive resource developed by the ILIAS community. It contains a wealth of important information on promoting accessibility. Within this toolbox you will find learning units that cover the fundamentals as well as the situation of students with disabilities. In addition, legal obligations are explained and an overview of assistive technologies is provided.
To support the creation accessible teaching materials tips are offered on recognising barriers at an early stage as well as checklists for various Office, PDF and media formats. Lecturers receive important advice on the accessible design of their courses, office hours, examinations and performance records.

It is also possible to report any deficiencies regarding compliance with accessibility requirements to the eCampus team. The "Report barrier" link, which is available in the footer of every eCampus page, can be used for this purpose.

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