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Date: Jan 16, 2023

Synchronisation between BASIS and eCampus (SoSe 2023)

Due to technical reasons, the synchronisation between courses in BASIS of the summer term 2023 and eCampus is only possible on the following dates:

16.01. / 16.02. / 16.03. / 30.03. /18.04./ 03.05. further dates will be announced

The courses for the summer term in BASIS have to be synchronized manualy before these dates, to be linked to eCampus in time.

» Instructions for linking courses (in german)

Registered teaching staff of a BASIS course are automatically course administrators of the corresponding course on eCampus after synchronization. Thus, they can freely design their courses and e.g. create sessions, upload materials, prepare tests and exercises or provide literature lists.

If students are not present as course members, it is possible to add them to a course as described in the instructions:

» Adding students to eCampus courses (in german)

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