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Synchronising BASIS and eCampus courses

BASIS and eCampus are systems which complement each other’s functionalities very well. BASIS regulates the administrative side of course (lecture, seminar etc.) management, while the eCampus learning management system makes available content and communication functions.

To synchronise your BASIS event with eCampus, your uni ID must have been entered into the BASIS system and you must be logged in as a lecturer or faculty administrator.

The transfer of data from BASIS to eCampus will take place on place on certain dates. The dates will be announced on this info page.

Please link your BASIS course to eCampus before these dates so that your online courses can be created in time.

Activate the course synchronisation

Synchronisation must be activated individually for each course. You must access the editing view of your course to find the (de)activation of synchronisation option.

Synchronisation may be deactivated again if necessary. Deactivation of synchronisation only means that updates entered on BASIS will no longer be sent to eCampus. However, the eCampus course itself as well as all information sent to eCampus via synchronisation prior to deactivating synchronisation will not be deleted from eCampus.

Creating an eCampus course via BASIS

To create an eCampus course via BASIS, please access your course on BASIS and click the Edit button found in the top menu.

Next, click the link eCampus Synchronisation in the left-hand navigation bar.

Clicking the button Create Scheme starts the data transfer and creates the course on eCampus.

From now on, all course edits made on BASIS will also be transferred to eCampus, updating the information stored within the learning management system. The leading system here is BASIS: changes to title or metadata of a course which were made on eCampus itself will be overwritten by data from BASIS as soon as changes are made to the course on BASIS.

For this reason, please make changes to course data preferably on BASIS. Title, course number, lecturer, and course type are automatically added to the corresponding eCampus course, as well as course members as long as they have been added on BASIS as well.

Additional members may easily be manually added to your eCampus course, as long as those possess a valid uni ID.

Link to the course on eCampus

For the course to be easily found within the eCampus learning management system structure, an extra button will be added to your course on BASIS after synchronisation has been activated. Clicking this button directly links to the corresponding course on eCampus. The structure of courses within the learning management system mirrors the one found on BASIS and your newly created eCampus course will be placed in the same exact spot it is found on BASIS.

Lecturers and eCampus administrators

BASIS allows you to name more than one lecturer for a given course. Every lecturer entered on BASIS with a valid uni ID will automatically receive administrative rights for the corresponding eCampus course.

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