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Learning Management System (LMS) FAQ

How do I log into eCampus?

eCampus may be used by all Bonn University members who possess a uni ID. You can log into eCampus using your uni ID, which is issued by the Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ, university computer centre). If you do not have a uni ID yet, you may request one from Identity Management Services at HRZ.

It is not possible to log into eCampus using an internal user ID issued by ULB, UKB and other institutions.

How do I get my user ID and my password?

Once a new staff member’s application is approved, their new uni ID and the corresponding password are mailed to them. If you encounter any issues with your uni ID or your password, please contact HRZ’s IT Helpdesk.

How can I change my password?

It is not possible to change your password within eCampus. If you wish to change it, please follow the guidelines posted on the Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ, university computer centre) website and use the online form listed under “Change Password”.

How do I create a course on eCampus?

If your uni ID is valid and has been entered into the BASIS system, you can request to synchronise BASIS data for your course with eCampus. Synchronisation means that your course’s data (title, module number, teachers, attendees, parallel groups) are copied from BASIS to eCampus, which causes a corresponding course to be created on eCampus. Synchronisation of a course may be activated on BASIS.

Courses and groups outside of BASIS

If you need a course or group for other purposes and there is no matching course on BASIS, please send an e-mail to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] and describe your request. We will happily create additional courses, groups, forums, polls etc. for you!

How do I e-mail course members from within eCampus?

How to e-mail all course members

Do you wish to e-mail all course members with just a few clicks? Access your course on eCampus, open the Members tab, and click the button Mail to Members.

eCampus will then ask you to select mail recipients based on their membership status (course member, course tutor, course administrator). Check the recipient group(s) you wish to e-mail and click the Next button to open eCampus’ internal e-mail service.

How to email select members of a course, group etc.

Do you wish to email one of more select course members with just a few clicks? Access your course on eCampus and open the Members tab to see a list of all course members. Important! Depending on course size, there may be several pages of members. Tick the box next to a member’s name (you may of course select several course members at once) and click the button Send Mail at the bottom. This will open eCampus’ internal e-mail program.

How can I copy items from an older course to a new course in the current term?

You can copy either all items or only selected items from an older course to a new course in the current term. Please follow the instructions on how to copy course items.

How can I change the displayed order of items within my course?

You can freely change around the order of items within your course. To do so, access your course, open the Settings tab, and scroll down until you find the box Course Presentation. Find the Content Sorting Option and select Manually. Under Sorting Direction, you should select Ascending. Confirm your changes by clicking the Save button at the bottom.

Now you can freely change the order of items around. Open the Content tab and then the sub-tab Sorting. Change the order by changing the numbers in the field next to the individual items: the smaller the number you enter, the more towards the top this item will appear. Confirm your changes by clicking the Save Sorting button at the top.

Is there a maximum size for files which I can upload to eCampus?

Yes, you can only upload files up to 128 MB in size to eCampus.

However, there is a workaround if you wish to share access to files larger than 128 MB with your course members. Upload the file(s) to your Sciebo account and adjust your settings to make them accessible according to your wishes. Access your eCampus course and create a new item Weblink. Enter the address of the file you have just uploaded on Sciebo. This way, the students in your course can easily and conveniently access larger files from within eCampus. You can find additional information on Sciebo on the Hochschulrechenzentrum website (currently available in German only).

How can I delete a course?

Only eCampus support can delete a course. If you wish to have a course deleted, please contact us and we will happily accommodate you.

However, you can opt to switch a course “offline”. This means that a) the course is now invisible for eCampus users not in a course administrator role (i.e. students) and b) the course will disappear from students’ eCampus desktops and won’t be accessible to them anymore.

To switch a course “offline”, access your course and open the Settings tab. Uncheck the box next to Online and confirm your changes by clicking the Save button.

How can I restore deleted items?

This is unfortunately not possible. If an item is deleted, it is removed entirely from the database and cannot be restored.

How can I import members from one eCampus course to another?

It is possible to transfer members of an eCampus course to another one. In order to do so, you have to be in the course that you want the members transferred in.

1. Open the tab "Members" > Edit Participants
2. Click the button "Search Users"

faq eng 1.png

3. Select the search option "Search for Course Members"
4. Type in the course name that you want the members transferred out of
5. Search

faq eng 2.png

6. Tick the correct course
7. Click the button "List users"
 faq eng 3.png

8. Tick "Select All"
9. Choose the role of the members (it will probably be Course Member)
10. Execute

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