Media Service

Whether you want to use screencasts, interactive PDFs, online learning modules, quizzes, surveys, animations or illustrations - new media are versatile and efficient tools that can enrich and support your teaching on numerous levels.
The eCampus Media Service is available to help you transform your existing lecture and seminar materials into digital formats. This service is available to all lecturers at the University of Bonn free of charge. We are happy to support you in getting the most out of your teaching material!

Layout Impressions

Consultation & Planning

Do you have general questions about audiovisual and/or interactive media and are not yet sure how to integrate them into your teaching concept?

No Problem!

In a non binding kick-off meeting we will clarify the most important cornerstones of your project together.

  • What project idea do you have?
  • Which resources can we use?
  • Which actors belong to the project group?
  • Who is your target group?
  • What are the learning and project goals?
  • How will the project be structured?
  • What time frame is available?
  • How future-proof or exchangeable must the contents of the final product be?

Based on this information, we will create a media-didactic concept for you that is tailored to your specific needs and advise you comprehensively on all aspects of the use of audiovisual media.

Media Design

To be able to convey your teaching content in a media-appropriate way, it is often not enough to copy it unchanged. Different viewing media have their own aesthetic, technical and formal requirements.

We Put Your Knowledge into New Form

Whether graphics, animation, illustration or screencast.
With a wide range of professional software and hardware and its use by our expert media designer, we ensure that your information reaches an even wider audience.

Help for Self-Help

If you would like to make minor or major graphic or content changes yourself, we are happy to support you with workshops and training courses on the use of freely available software in the areas of graphics, authoring tools, audio & video editing and post-production.

FAQs & Useful Links

Effective use of images in digital teaching can improve the quality of your materials and support learning. However, it is important to respect copyright, both for printed and digital media.
You can either create your own images or use licensed/commonly available images. Own images are the safest option as you have complete control over their use. Licensed images require the purchase of a licence and public domain images are free from copyright restrictions.

⇒ Use of copyrighted documents (ULB de)

In eCampus we use common image formats including JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG. For static images, we recommend JPEG and PNG because of their high quality and device compatibility. When it comes to course icons, SVG vector graphics are the right choice.

To optimise loading times, make sure that the file size of your images is not too large. Please reduce the size of your images before uploading them to eCampus

  • Banner images: For the header of a course, we recommend a size of 1200 x 400 pixels to ensure an appealing display on different screen sizes.
  • Content images: Images wuthin courses and learning modules should generally not exceed a width of 800 pixels. The height may vary depending on the page layout
  • Tiled images: If you use tiled images for your items, we recommend a size of around 600 x 600 pixels.

These size guidelines help to ensure a consistent and optimal display of your images in different devices and optimise loading time.


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