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The university's information portals and digital services: GOsa, BASIS, eCampus (ILIAS), e-mail and more — various digital offerings are an integral part of your everyday study life. Here you will find a selection of offers and services available to you.

New to the University of Bonn
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New to the University

We hope that you enjoy the start of your studies and find the first days and weeks interesting and exciting. This summary of the most important information should simplify your digital start.

Access only with Uni-ID

To use the university's digital services, you need a personal university ID and password. You will receive both in the course of your enrollment together with your student e-mail address. You must activate your Uni-ID in GOsa.

eCampus Courses

Some courses require electronic enrollment via BASIS. If you are admitted and your course is linked to eCampus, you will be added to the course as a member and can find it on eCampus in the main menu "Personal Workspace/My Courses and Groups".

You can also access selected courses from the University of Cologne and Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf via eCampus by using your Uni-ID. You can find released courses under "Repository > Courses from partner universities".

⇒ Courses from Partner Universities

Services connected to eCampus

... the Identity Management System

All your personal data (first official name, last name, e-mail, etc.) is obtained from GOsa and displayed in eCampus.

This data cannot be changed in eCampus. If there is an error in your data in GOsa, please direct your questions to idm@uni-bonn.de.

⇒ GOsa

... the electronic course catalog and registration for examinations

On BASIS you can find courses and extracurricular additional offerings that are offered in the respective semester.

Here you can register for courses with restricted admissions, register for exams and, if necessary, deregister, and view your grades.


...a secure communication server

The access to the mailbox of the university is done via the webmail with the personal access data. It is also possible to access the university mails via common e-mail programs like Thunderbird or Outlook.

⇒ Uni mailbox

The learning management system eCampus is not the mail system of the university, it only enables internal notifications between teachers and learners.

...the university cloud

In the cloud, you have standardly 30 GB of storage space for files related to your studies. You will need your Uni-ID to register and renew your use of the service each year. 

⇒ Sciebo Registration 

Do you know already...

The university supports you in taking responsibility for shaping your start at the university:

⇒ An Excellent Academic Environment

The Student Registry is the first contact point for all interdisciplinary administrative questions concerning your studies:

⇒ Student Registry

Your study application and study administration (enrollment, re-registration, certificate of enrollment, etc.) are provided on this portal:

⇒ Campus Management

◊ Attention: Registrations for exams and events can currently be found on BASIS.

The University of Bonn offers an extensive and voluntary preliminary course program to prepare you for the start of your studies. This is an opportunity to get to know your field of study and to meet new fellow students:

⇒ Peliminary Courses

Explore the ULB with a smartphone or tablet:

⇒ Actionbound-Rallies of the ULB

Digital Services & Offerings

Digital Services & Offerings
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eCampus the Learning Management Sytem

On the learning management system eCampus you can find your courses in digital format. eCampus is based on ILIAS and enables teachers to upload information and material and to communicate with their students. Various tools can be used for digital teaching. Forums, blogs and wikis can be used for discussions and collaborative work. Knowledge and competencies can be developed and tested in tests and learning modules. Discover the possibilities of eCampus and digital teaching together with your teachers!

Videos und Recordings

Some instructors offer videos that students can watch at home or on the go. Numerous lecture recordings are integrated into the respective eCampus courses. To find out if a lecture is recorded or offered hybrid, contact the instructors.

For Students from Cologne and Düsseldorf

You can access selected courses on eCampus without having to apply for a Bonn University-ID. Released courses are linked on eCampus under "Courses from partner universities" or "Events with other universities". The course admins determine the modalities of access.

eCampus Trainings

The eCampus introductions are aimed at first-semester students and university transfer students who do not yet have any experience with eCampus. Here you have the opportunity to learn about the learning manahgement system and get to know the most important functions.

eExams as Final Examinations

eExams are online examinations that are conducted under supervision on-site at computers in the university.

Procedure of an eExam

Procedure of eExam
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First Steps

Are you being tested for the first time by an eExam and have questions about it? Then visit our information event. We will answer your questions and give you a virtual introduction to the premises, the exam software and the procedure on exam day.

With our demo exam, you can familiarize yourself with the format and the software at your leisure, so that you can concentrate fully on the exam on the day of the exam.

Location of the eExams

The eExams are currently held in the gymnasium at Nachtigallenweg 86, 53127 Bonn. The waiting area is outside in front of the entrance on the forecourt. Bring your own rain protection in case of rain.

Accessibility Accommodations

Accessibility accommodation is also possible for the e-exam. It is important to submit your application for accessibility accommodation to the relevant examination authorities well before the respective examination date.

As a rule, the accessibility accommodation is granted in the form of an extension of the writing time and/or an extension of the examination time by the actual breaks.

Should there be a need for a separate examination room and individual supervision as part of the accessbility accommodation, there is the possibility of providing this.

eCampus offers to design the workplaces according to the requirements of students with disabilities and to adapt them specifically to their needs. For this purpose, please contact us (eklausur@uni-bonn.de) or the persons in charge  (studierenmithandicap@uni-bonn.de) for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses so that we can initiate everything necessary.

Workplaces for students with a visual impairment are also available for the eExams. They allow flexible magnification of the screen content in steps of 1x-50x.

© Uni Bonn | Volker Lannert

What happens if...

Usually, the first step is to contact the instructor. You can send an email or contact your examiner in person to ask for the necessary information. Sometimes information about the eExam may already be available in the course material or in the respective course on eCampus.

The Uni-ID is also used to access the eExams.

As a student, you will automatically receive the Uni-ID together with your semester documents. If you have forgotten the corresponding password in the meantime, you can reset your password yourself at:

Uni-ID (HRZ)

If you cannot find your login data by the start of the eExam at the latest, the local support will provide you with a login account that is valid for the respective exam.

In this case, you should immediately inform the examination supervisory staff. You will then receive instructions on how to proceed.

Virtual Collaboration

The ViCo-Project offers you a variety of platforms on which you can collaborate with your fellow students on exciting projects. Here you can use modern tools and technologies to exchange ideas and develop solutions, from "Annotations of Media" to "Scientific Computing" to "Virtual 3D Learning Worlds".

Media Center: the Creative Workshop for Students!

At the MNL Media Center you will find everything you need to create professional videos for presentations, projects and other purposes. The staff there will be happy to help you use the technology and assist you in filming, editing, and producing your videos.

Using eMedia

You have around-the-clock access to an extensive collection of ULS e-journals, e-books and databases. These eMedia can be accessed both within the university and conveniently at home.

FAQs and Helpful Advice

The day after you have activated your Uni-ID in GOsa, you can log in to eCampus with your Uni-ID and the corresponding password.

Personal data (surname, first name, etc.) are transferred from GOsa to eCampus and cannot be changed in eCampus. If you need to make changes, you must contact the Identity Management at the HRZ (idm@uni-bonn.de) accordingly.
Please note that only the first official first name is displayed in eCampus and you can define your own salutation.

You cannot change your password in eCampus. If you want to change your password, use the change-password-form on the website of the HRZ.

Most study programs use BASIS for course registration (voucher procedure). If you have been admitted to a course via BASIS, you do not have to additionally register for this course on eCampus - you will be automatically added to the corresponding course.

For BASIS-independent courses, the responsible instructors determine their own registration procedure and communicate it to their students.

You can find all the courses you are a member of in the main menu "Personal Workspace/My Courses and Groups".
Your courses are not all on the dashboard automatically, but once you add your courses to favorites, they will appear on the dashboard.

You do not need a Uni Bonn ID from us to access the corresponding courses. You can access released eCampus courses directly via the Cologne or Düsseldorf learning management system. To do this, the Bonn instructors must unlock the eCampus course for this purpose and give you the password for it.

The day after you have activated your Uni-ID in GOsa, you can log in to eCampus with the Uni-ID and the corresponding password.

You have to tell your instructors your Uni-ID, so that they can manually add you to the eCampus course. Only then will you have access to the corresponding course content.

This can be due to various reasons:
You will receive eCampus notifications to your eCampus mailbox and/or your Uni mailbox (webmail). Please check your Uni mailbox regularly.
The external e-mails will only be sent to your university mailbox.

Students from partner universities (University of Cologne, Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf) who participate as course members in eCampus courses cannot currently receive notifications via eCampus in the mailbox of the respective learning management system. The course administrators have to use other ways, like the main course page or the timeline, to inform these students of their courses about the activities.

If the course administrators create a group for you within a course and add you as a group administrator to this group, you can use all functions for your work within this group. For example, you can create folders and upload files, create glossaries and wikis or use H5P elements for your presentations.

The eExams are currently held in the gymnasium at Nachtigallenweg 86, 53127 Bonn. The waiting area is outside in front of the entrance on the forecourt.
⇒ Room Layout

Good to Know

Important Notes

We would like to point out that learning materials that lecturers at the University of Bonn make available to their students are usually protected by copyright.

Without the consent of the respective lecturer, it is not permitted to make protected material freely accessible on the internet (e.g., on platforms like studocu).

The learning management system eCampus does not serve as the university's mail system. However, it enables internal notifications between teachers and learners, which can also be forwarded to your Uni mailbox.
Please check your Uni mailbox regularly!
⇒ Uni mailbox

Inspiring Breaks

In the midst of an intense daily study routine, it's especially important to give yourself a few nice breaks.

Enjoy the botanical gardens during your lunch break and let yourself be enchanted by the impressive biodiversity. Plant lovers will also find their little paradise here.

⇒ the Botanic Gardens

Our university is not only home to world-class academic programmes, but also to inspiring museums that are a rich source of knowledge and creativity. Discover these unique treasures and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of art, history and science.

⇒ University Life in Bonn

Enjoy the diverse cultural offerings. The University of Bonn is more than just a place of learning - it is a place of creativity and inspiration. Visit the Forum Musik or the Ensembles.

⇒ University Life in Bonn


eCampus Support-Hotline

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HRZ IT-Helpdesk

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