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Learning Management System (LMS)


University of Bonn’s learning management system (LMS) is called "eCampus" and represents the technical prerequisites of a web-based eLearning infrastructure. It is available to all members of the University of Bonn and is used to assist with courses, lectures and seminars as well as study groups.

You can, for instance, use eCampus to…

  • provide course materials
  • set up tasks and surveys
  • discuss topics on online message boards (forums)
  • have your students take tests online
  • offer office hours online
  • send internal e-mails and messages

Enable your students to…

  • work together in study groups
  • compile data, information, definitions etc. within a wiki
  • discuss topics on an online message board (internet forum)
  • exchange documents


Events and guides

For self-study purposes regarding the many uses of eCampus, we have compiled more detailed information in the section "Guides and Links". Each semester, we offer workshops and courses on various aspects concerning our learning management system as well as eLearning methods. In addition to this, we are happy to offer customised training events and guidance for your or your department’s particular needs.

Consulting services for teaching staff – conceptual, didactic, creative

The eCampus team pursues a comprehensive approach regarding the use of eLearning in consultations with university teachers. For this reason, we do not only offer purely technical support, but are happy to assist you in matters of conceptual, didactic and creative nature as well.

Once your eLearning project’s outline and rough draft have been defined, we will gladly be on hand with help and advice in order to implement it according to your wishes.

User support – via phone or e-mail

eCampus LMS is based on the open source learning management system ILIAS. It has been configured and optimised for our target audience’s particular needs.

Have you encountered a technical or operational issue while using eCampus? Please do not hesitate to contact our support team in one of the following ways:



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