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Courses at Cologne University

Bonn University students are allowed to take selected courses offered by Cologne University, and vice versa. This includes access to courses offered on the other university's learning management system, which may be accessed via the home university's LMS (eCampus for Bonn University, and ILIAS for Cologne University).

Access to Cologne University courses

You can find a list of courses Bonn University students may access here: Repository → Einrichtungen → Kurse der Universität zu Köln

Upon selecting a course, you will be directed to a page with more information regarding that course. You may then access the course itself by clicking the "Call ECS Course" button.

It is not possible to log into Cologne University's learning management system using your Bonn University uni ID or a temporary account. You must always first log into eCampus using your Bonn University uni ID and access Cologne University's courses by using the link above!

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